Backcountry Recumbent Cycles – central Oregon’s only recumbent specific bike shop specializing in recumbent bikes and trikes for day touring, long distance touring,  off road riding, fitness, performance or just plain fun.

Come in for a test ride and see just how comfortable you can be riding for an afternoon or to the other side of the country!

Recumbents offer many advantages over traditional upright bikes. Comfort and, in many cases, speed. The Race Across America (RAAM) coast to coast record is still held by a Lightning recumbent at just over 5 days! Whether you no longer are able to ride a normal upright bike, or you are just tired of finishing a ride feeling like you have been beaten with a ball peen hammer on your hands, neck, back, and nether regions, come check out the alternatives.

We are one of the only recumbent shops in the country that stocks recumbents capable of off-road riding and has staff experienced in long distance touring.

Proudly carrying:

Recumbent Trikes by Azub, Catrike, Greenspeed  ICE, HP Velotechnik.

Recumbent Bikes by Azub, Bacchetta, Easy Racer, Lightning, Metabike and  RANS.

New, used, consignment, and service.