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Backcountry Recumbent Cycles is a recumbent-specific cycling shop located in Bend, Oregon.

We are just on the outskirts of Bend, on Highway 20 toward Sisters, with lots of wonderful quiet country roads for test riding recumbent trikes and bikes.

Our focus is toward serving the needs of the touring recumbent cyclist, whether your idea of touring is a quiet afternoon’s ride on a bike path or a summer spent riding across the continent. BRC has the experience and equipment to make your human-powered, self-propelled dreams come true.

Cycling is a big part of Oregon culture. Companies such as Bike Friday, Co-Motion, Burley, Terracycle and others all have chosen to make their home here because the great roads for riding and the sheer numbers of riders make it a natural fit. Given the plethora of bike shops in the area, none of which carry recumbents, we felt the need to fill that niche for the recumbent cyclist.

BRC manager and owner, Mark Waters, has spent many years working in bike shops in Colorado and Oregon as salesman and mechanic. With over 40 years of racing and touring experience, he came to embrace recumbents as an ideal way to enjoy long distance touring even more. Cycle touring is all about the pleasure of traveling under your own power; touring on a recumbent cycle brings the enjoyment of head-up comfort to your ride.

BRC is different from many other shops in our level of experience and interest in off-road triking, recumbent mountain biking, velomobiles and long distance touring. We are unique in our approach to understanding and facilitating the equipment needed to explore these under-served areas of recumbent cycling.

Do yourself a favor–come let us help maximize your potential to travel far, see more and live life as your own motor!

*All Sales are final. We are committed to doing everything in our power to ensuring you have purchased the correct recumbent for your needs and abilities, and are happy to spend additional time as needed helping you navigate your new human-powered vehicle. If you find that your recumbent does not meet your needs, we will be happy to consign it for you as long as it’s in good working order.