BRC: “Backcountry Recumbent Cycles has become the newest dealer for Azub recumbents on the west coast. Azub has been producing quality bikes and trikes for 13 years and is very well received as a manufacturer of quality recumbents throughout Europe. They are known for making extremely comfortable, well designed touring bikes and trikes. I’ve had a personal interest in Azub for several years. A few years ago they posted a number of Youtube videos showing the dual 26” Max being ridden on challenging singletrack and got my attention, as well as that of others interested in the possibility of a competent off road capable recumbent.

Having read several journals from around-the-world recumbent cycle tourists, I was curious to see for myself how these cycles rode. This November, we headed down to Pomona and the Recumbent Cycle Con–our quest was to ride the elusive Azub. And ride we did. Azub brought over all the models produced in their factory in the Czech Republic; long story short, we were so impressed, we left with 5 of their show bikes and trikes to take home for shop demos. I spent a good part of my time at Recumbent Con parked at the Azub booth, talking to many of the dealers and consumers. I asked what their impressions were after their Azub test rides and the response was the same from every person I queried, ” Solid” and “Excellent handling.”
If you are looking for a rugged, comfortable, well-made bike or trike for long distance loaded touring, commuting, or just recreational day riding, the Azub line should be one of the first to check out. At Azub, they listen to expedition tourists who are using their recumbents on some of the most punishing roads in the world and take those recommendations into account for possible improvements. Consequently, they are leaders in design, handling and innovative, unique accessories and rack options.
Give us a call, or stop in for a test ride–you’ll see for yourself what all the hoopla is about!”