BRC: “Our local recumbent riding group has been gathering momentum and last week there were 7 of us on a 40 mile ride out east of town. Just as we were leaving our meeting spot to begin our ride a local peloton of bike racers rolled through and I just had to test my theory that even a moderately fit older guy in a velomobile is faster than a pack of category one and two bike racers on flat to rolling terrain. Well, theory proven, because I dropped them immediately and they faded into the distance until two highly motivated riders broke away in chase. I could see in my mirrors that they were able to close a little of the distance on a small hill where my speed dropped from around 30 mph to about 17, but I quickly recovered most of the distance. When I stopped at a crossroad after about 5 miles of  this to wait for the rest of the recumbent group, it took the 2 breakaway riders about 45 or 50 seconds to reach me and and about as long again before the peloton rolled by.

I personally don’t believe speed in cycling is the end all and be all of riding because I really just enjoy the simple act of moving under my own power, but riding the velomobile at speed is so exhilarating it could be considered an illegal drug. The combination of efficient pedaling and sun/rain protection for long distance touring means longer distances possible for a limited tour time and greater ease and comfort on the way.  The new Flevobike roof keeps me wonderfully cool on the hot days that we just started to get. I have found that on long summer tours I feel more exhausted riding in the sun all day from the constant heat and UV than the riding. The roof also channels air in and directs it to my upper body for cooling better than without. We recently became dealers for the Flevobike roof and there’re almost no dealers that I know of in the US that sell them.”

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