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Currently Available:




bacchettacarbonaeroBacchetta Carbon-Aero 2.0: $2500, Blue, Excellent Condition (new: $4000) Manufacturer Info>>>>>





bacchettagir26attBacchetta Giro 26 ATT: $800, yellow/white, Carbon seat, kickstand, Excellent Condition Manufacturer Info>>>>>>





bacchettatiaeroBacchetta Ti-Aero: $2500; Titanium Grey, Excellent Condition, Manufacturer Info>>>>>>






ranscruz1 RANS Cruz: $1750, Bright Green, Rear rack, Carbon Fenders, Kickstand, New Condition, Manufacturer Info>>>>>



ransstratusleRANS Stratus LE: $800, Blue/Silver, Rear Bag, Excellent Condition, Manufacturer Info>>>>>



ransvivoRANS Vivo: $650, Full Suspension, Dark Green, Excellent Condition




volaecenturyVolae Century: $1200, Blue, touring bike that breaks down into a travel case, w/ fairing, disc brakes, carbon And mesh seats, Garmin GPS computer



volaeteamVolae Team:$800, Red, Very Good Condition






*Longbike Tandem Rack Available: $200


ransscreamerRANS Screamer: $2500, Dark Blue, touring recumbent tandem, Heavy-Duty Transport Bags, Excellent condition, Manufacturer Info>>>>>


Rocky Mount Tandem Rack Mount: $250




Azub Tri-Con 20: $3400, Black, Fenders, SRAM x9 components, Air Shocks, Disc Brakes, Excellent Condition ($3890+), Manufacturer Info>>>>>



azubtricon2020Azub TRI-Con: SOLD! $ 3500, Green, Fenders, Rear Rack, Ortlieb Panniers, Pedals, Headrest, Excellent Condition (New: $3890+) Manufacturer Info>>>>>


azub4Azub TRI-Con: $3900, Yellow, Fenders, SRAM x9 components, Air Shocks, Disc Brakes, Rear Rack, Excellent Condition (New: $3890+), Manufacturer Info>>>>>



hpvgekkofx26HP Velotechnik Gekko fx 26: $1950, Rear Rack, Helping Handles, Ventiset Pad, Rack Bag, Power Straps, Excellent Condition (New $2390+ extras)




er bionix1Easy Racer Gold Rush Replica: $4200, size Lg., Black, w/ fairing, Bionx e-assist motor, Excellent Condition, Manufacturer Info>>>>>



haibikeHaiBike: $2300, E-Bike w/ Bosch motor Trekking 4.0 xduro, Grey, Like-new Condition, Manufacturer Info>>>>>




wallerangtapperWallerang Tapper S2: $3500, Black, Demo-New Condition, Manufacturer Info>>>>>