Have a recumbent you’d like to sell? We’d like to sell it for you! If you have a recumbent cycle that you’d like to showcase at our shop on consignment please contact us at (541) 323-3460 or info@backcountryrecumbentcycles.com. We offer 70% of the selling price for consignment only & 80% if you buy a new recumbent from us. Here is what we currently have in house:

Actionbent: $1150

Azub 5 frame & fork: $1900

Azub TRIcon: $3500

Bacchetta Corsa: $1400

Bacchetta Giro 20: $1300

Barcroft Ti Dakota: $3150

Catrike 700: $2700

Catrike Trail: $1700

HP Velotechnik FX20 w/ Alfine 8-speed & Patterson Drive: $2700

HP Velotechnik Gekko FX20: $2150

Ice Vortex: $3700

Lightning P-38: $2200

Rans V3: $900

Terratrike Tour II: $2100

Vision R40: $350