Have a recumbent you want to sell? We can help!

Call or email us today: (541) 323-3460 or backcountryrecumbentcycles@gmail.com.

We offer 70% of the selling price for consignment only & 80% of the selling price if you buy a new recumbent from us within 5 days.

Currently Available:




azubtwi nAzub Twin tandem: $2700, Black, touring recumbent tandem w/ full racks, car carrier (cost new $6200)



bacchettacorsaBacchetta Corsa: $1000, Black, very good condition



bacchettagiroBacchetta Giro 26: $600, Red, Excellent condition



bacchettastradaBacchetta Strada: $1000, Blue, w/ carbon And mesh seats



goldrushEasy Racer Gold Rush: $2600, size Sm., Polished Aluminum, w/ carbon And mesh seats, fairing


goldrushEasy Racer Gold Rush: $4200, size Lg., Black, w/ fairing, Bionx e-assist motor


lightningr84Lightning R-84: $4150, Black, Like New, carbon frame, every extra (cost new $7900!)


gulfstreamlongbikeLongbike Gulfstream: $2300, Black, touring recumbent tandem, Good condition


optimadolphinOptima Dolphin: $1500, Yellow, Sm. size, Very Good condition, Rear Rack


volaecenturyVolae Century: $1600, Blue, touring bike that breaks down into a travel case, w/ fairing, disc brakes, carbon And mesh seats, Garmin GPS computer





tiflystockAzub Ti-Fly: $7950, Neon Yellow, Pinion drive (cost new $9000)




catrikeexpeditionCatrike Expedition: $1800, Green, touring trike w/ rear rack


greenspeedgtoGreenspeed GTO: $2900, Yellow, touring trike w/ 81 speeds, rear rack, bags


greenspeedmagnumGreenspeed Magnum: $2700, Blue




iceadventureICE Adventure fs20: $3600, Blue, Alfine hub, rear rack, +many extras



iceadventurersICE Adventure rs20, $2900, Red




iceadventurersICE Adventure rs20, $2900, Blue




icesprintICE Sprint FS20: $3500, trike w/ tons of extras, including a Nuvinci hub drive (cost new $5900+)