MariaLeijerstamCameras have followed Welsh Adventurer, Maria Leijerstam, for the last six months as she prepared for and then became the first person to ever cycle to the South Pole. In a series of video diaries Maria records the pain and emotion of her journey.>>>>>Watch Video




Azub Recumbents Blog

We would like to share with you posts from AZUB recumbent riders, including stories illustrating how they use and customize their recumbents. If you are an AZUB rider, we would like to have pictures and comments from you too. Please send them to and we will send you a little useful cycle gift! Welcome to the world of AZUB recumbents! >>>>>Read On


Cagney Andalucia Tour 2012

Patty and James set out on a loop around the Spanish province of Andalucia – which was the center of Moorish culture before the Spanish reconquered Spain from the Moors in the 1400’s (the Reconquista). The Spanish Angels: The people of Spain must be the kindest people on the planet. We had so many people help us along the way. In Spain, outside of the major tourist cities, if you stand with a map in your hand for more than a minute, someone will stop and offer to help. When we reached a town, we could always count on someone to lead us to our hotel – a police car, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian. >>>>>Read On

Trans-Hamalaya Blog

Annedussertpic1Anne DUSSERT, 36 years old

Currently a high school teacher in a small town in the French Alps, I am fond of travelling, cycling, photography and anything which has to do with mountains. I grew up reading Alexandra David-Neel’s narratives of her adventures through Tibet.My first encounter with the Himalayan high plateau was in 2005. I immediately fell in love with this enchanting and fascinating world which inspired me some long term photographic work. I returned in 2007, and in the winter 2008 for a short cycling trip in the Lhasa area. First 5000m passes, intense emotions …>>>>>Read On



travelsbytrike1                       Sylvia Halpern

Like I have for the last few years, I spent the summer months house-sitting for wonderful friends. What an amazing summer I had in Portland. The weather was sensational never getting too hot. I triked all summer visiting with friends establishing my usual relaxed routine. I also took a couple of triking trips. The first was out to TOT (Trikes Optional Tour) in Kellogg, Idaho. This is a yearly event on the Trail of the Coeur d’Alene attended by close to 100 trikers. The group takes over a good size hotel next to a ski lift. Every evening trikes line up outside as the group sits in the driveway yakking about the day’s rides. It really is something to see.>>>>>Read On