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BRC: The Rt-60 bags have a 60 liter capacity. They have a 15 liter tube pocket that is sized to carry a Thermarest pad or tent. If you are doing a trip where you a bringing less gear the pocket can be left at home and the bags themselves are only slightly bigger than the RT-40’s, making these a very versatile setup for a variety of trips. Rain covers are available.

ARKEL: At last a truly recumbent-specific set of panniers. The horizontal design takes full advantage of the space available on a recumbent with a forward slant to cradle the shape of the back of the seat. These panniers are not as high as others since many recumbents use smaller size wheels – ground clearance will never be a problem. These panniers are definitively big enough for touring yet the removable pockets also mean that you can use them for everyday commuting without too much bulk. Check all the features of these panniers – it’s a refreshing break for recumbent owners tired of settling for a compromise. Really neat!

The only truly versatile panniers specifically designed for recumbents.
Weight: 2,9 kg / 6,5 lbs (pair)
Volume: 60 l. / 3650 cu. in. (pair)