Also available in the Max Hardcore model for true off-road riding, or the Expedition model for long-distance cycling trips.


BRC: A true “mountain bent” that is off-road capable and expedition touring ready. Dual 26″ wheels make this fully suspended bike float over rough roads and terrain with a surprising turn of speed.

Azub: AZUB MAX is a chariot you will fall in love with. When you sit on it, you cannot but beam with delight. Or even squeal with joy. This bike runs like clockwork, it devours all straight roads like nothing before and going downhill is a never ending joy. With its two large 26” wheels it is a recumbent like none other. The rear suspension is supplied as standard, and together with the optional front suspension, the AZUB MAX is a comfortable and fast bike which turns a road full of potholes into a smooth asphalt thoroughfare.

A robust main frame tube extending from the boom to the rack. An asymmetrical organically shaped rear fork. A pulley following the movement of the chain. Robust appearance. All this makes the MAX an icon which hundreds of cyclists have fallen in love with. The AZUB MAX will make you feel that you can do absolutely anything, go round your town ten times or conquer a continent. Everything is possible and anything you decide will be incredible fun.

The MAX is a recumbent bike for active cyclists who enjoy a fast ride and great challenges. Unlike our recumbents with a 20” front wheel and 26” rear wheel, it has a more sporty seating position, characterized by the crankset being placed higher than the bottom of the ergonomic seat. The rider is thus better seated and can put more power in the pedals.

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