Easy travel, with the lightweight T-Tris!


BRC: A Popular manufacturer of touring recumbents in Europ, Azub is relatively new to the US but is the equal in quality of the best trike brands in the world. The T-Tris is their folding, un-suspended aluminum framed trike with many unique features.

Azub: T-Tris is a folding tricycle built on the basis of our very popular model, AZUB ECO trike. Within the development we have tried to keep all its advantages, such as its tough frame, rather minute turning radius, fully adjustable seat with our IPS (Ideal Position System) and of course a reasonable price. And we believe that we have succeeded. With our F2F (That Fold Flat) system,

T-tris ends up very small and compact after folding, needing little effort to handle and transport it by car, train or a lift to your apartment. In addition, it’s really easy to fold it, it is not necessary to lift or rotate it in any way and it can be basically folded by anyone. We believe that it does not matter if you fold the tricycle in 7 seconds or 30. In our opinion, it rather matters whether the tricycle is functional and we strive to make its folding as user friendly as possible.

Notice also the latest generation of our unique Ideal Position System with adjustable sliding seat bracket, which facilitates and accelerates the setting of seat position.


Compared to the model AZUB ECO trike that can be ordered in two colors and one equipment level only, T-tris is a real member of our Mainstream Line series. Thus you can enjoy a choice of several charge-free colors, multi-level components, countless extra equipment, including disc brakes and a wide range of accessories. Or you can go to our new Color Shop and choose the color combination of the bike to fit your needs. Learn More>>>>>

Price starts at $3839.