Titanium Grade 5
The use of the grade 5 aerospace titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) has enabled us to reduce the weight by half compared to similar solutions from steel, and also to achieve a great look without having to increase weight by a paint finish.

40 mm travel

The transverse titanium leaf springs provide a comfortable 40mm travel with a progressive end and soft stop.

Low maintenance

The use of the renowned IGUS plain bearings ensures minimum need for servicing and at the same time easy serviceability. The tight fitting of connected parts and their smooth operation is guaranteed.

Self stabilization

Thanks to the transverse link of the left and right wheels with a leaf spring and its specific shape, the stabilization has been cleverly integrated directly into the springing itself. This has resulted in a sleek, high-tech and lightweight self-stabilization. Learn More>>>>>

Ti-Fly Review on BROL

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