Good to know you can lean back and relax, even on bad roads. With the new, foldable touring-trike Scorpion fs our engineers combined a full suspension chassis technique derived from modern automotive technology with the award-winning design of our Scorpion trikes.


BRC: A fully suspended trike with all 20″ or 20/26″ configurations.

HPV: It’s good to know, that even if things get rough ahead of you, you can still stay laid back and relaxed. When developing the award-winning design of the Scorpion fs 20 foldable touring trike, HP Velotechnik’s engineers used the latest chassis technology from the automotive sector to provide the most comfortable full suspension for your ride. But they did not compromise by simply using retro-fit solutions on existing frames. The whole vehicle was developed from scratch to incorporate an impressively sensitive full suspension in a sleek and lean design delivering superior performance. The wishbone axle geometry and HP Velotechnik’s unique Stabilizer System, with its anti-roll bar integrated into the frame design allow full use of the ample suspension travel. It is finely tuned to perfectly respond to the forces of the road. The low seat and far higher pedal position highlight the agile adult trike’s sporty character.

The low seat position and a significantly higher bottom bracket emphasize the sportive attitude of this agile ride. You can feel the results of this masterpiece of finest German engineering immediately when cutting the first corner: a synthesis of perfect roadholding and a maximum of “Fahrvergnügen”.

Long wheelbase, straight lines, easy rolling 20″ wheels and integrated independent suspension – the dynamic appearance of the Scorpion fs leaves a long lasting impression. Learn More>>>>>

Starting at $5420.