BRC: An un-suspended 26″ wheeled easy folding trike. German quality in an all-around recreational touring trike with nimble handling.

HPV: Big wheels for the entry-level 
Gekko fx 26 – not for purists only:
Speed-Trike with racy notchback

The driving dynamic of a 26 inch wheel in the trikes tail is unique. Whoever has discovered that once will not miss out this experience in the future. “Size matters” is what the experts call this fact. Nevertheless our “Big Wheeler” from the entry-level remains highly handily: When folding the trike no part has to be dismantled. That means, your three-wheeled speedster is folded in roundabout 10 seconds and fits in almost any car trunk!

Sporty and energetic – or reliable travelling companion? You can choose: The Gekko fx 26 is just as versatile as all the vehicles from our recumbent manufactory in Kriftel. Whether puristic for highspeed-manouvres or equiped with fenders, rack and our special comfort options: You have got the choice – and we will built up the trike you desire!

Size matters

The large 26 inch rear wheel provides the Gekko fx 26 with the crucial Plus of dynamic propulsion. The advantages are clear: with the slender drive section behind the cockpit comfortable driving characteristics increase perceptibly. Key points are smooth running, less rolling resistance and easy rolling over obstacles.

Impressive: the elegant notchback. The powerful, curved seat stay appears to transfer the power directly into the pilots seat of your trike. The long wheelbase in combination with the dynamically swept forward cross members give the large Gekko fx 26 it’s own prominent language of design.

In spite the inclination towards larger things the Gekko fx 26 can make itself small, just like it’s kid brother with the 20 inch rear wheel. In no time at all. A practiced trike rider will take only 10 seconds to fold his vehicle to a size of 107 × 83 × 58 cm (42″ × 33″ × 23″). Thanks to the patented HP Velotechnik Dual Flat Fold System no parts have to be dismantled. Not even with the optional electric motor and battery.

Double safety: The sturdy folding joint has a safety bolt that is unlocked against spring pressure after the quick release is disengaged. The stainless steel precision folding axis was exclusively designed by HP Velotechnik.

Practical during transport: HP Velotechnik has developed unique open knuckles: The front wheels can be removed easily along with the brake discs by loosening A screw (standard equipment). Learn More>>>>>