BRC: One of the only choices out there for a folding full-suspension quality touring bike. Dual 20″ wheels with options for above or below seat steering and a longer wheelbase make this an excellent handling bike when carrying a touring load.

HPV: Small Package. Great ride!
GrassHopper fx – the foldable touring recumbent by HP Velotechnik.

Time for refreshing new aspects. The GrassHopper fx brings action into the cycle world. For a long time bike riding meant one thing: hump up and step downwards. The GrassHopper fx accelerates forward, suspends downwards – and folds to the side.

On the train, in the car or at home HP Velotechnik’s new touring recumbent likes it small. With a packing dimension from 96x50x70 cm and a weight starting from 15,3 kg the rapidly folded bike easily finds its shelter. Unfolded on tour the GrassHopper fx is pure riding pleasure.

Take a leap into the unknown!
Open up new horizons with the GrassHopper fx.

Do you offer electric drive assistance? Certainly we do – this is another domain of our recumbents! Every vehicle from HP Velotechnik can be equiped optionally with an electric driving assistance. More and more people discover the easy way of riding while sitting absolutely comfortable. The megatrend “E-Bike” is here coming to a peak. The aerodynamic position of the rider is to save energy so your valuable battery capacity can be used for an efficiently extensive riding pleasures. The technic will be integrated without any problems into the chassis. That does not only take effect for the hub motor in the rear wheel, but as well for the control unit at the handlebar and the rechargeable battery. Learn More>>>>>

Starting at $4160.