Great thing. Small package. HP Velotechnik’s fast and foldable touring trike.


BRC:  A folding, rear-suspension-only trike, the fx can carry two sets of panniers on the back racks.

HPV: Sometimes, space can be a precious commodity – just like your time. Fortunately, truly sophisticated solutions can help you to save both. Take a Swiss army knife for example. Or even better our foldable Scorpion fx. This conveniently foldable touring trike has been designed by HP Velotechnik’s engineers especially with the needs of commuters and touring cyclists in mind. The seat height of the Scorpion fx is noticeably higher and more upright compared to its more sporty fellow Scorpion, offering great outlook and a good view in traffic. The higher seat also allows for an additional lowrider rack behind the seat. Its solid design allows for a safe transport of a pair of front panniers. Together with the robust rear rack, you can thus transport up to 50 kg of luggage in four panniers. For a stable ride, all racks are positioned close to your body and your trike’s center of gravity. Once you are loaded that high, you’ll value our optional 81 speed gear system that will give you your extra low gear when pedaling the really steep challenges.

Handy package. Just a few steps convert your fast touring trike into a handy package that can be easily transported in the trunk of your car. It takes only 60 seconds to remove the seat without tools and fold the rear frame forward just like the tail of a Scorpion. You’ll find a little strap hiding behind the frame that connects the folded frame parts so that you can carry your trike around. If you require an even more compact package, you can remove the front wheels in 90 seconds with a simple allen key – now your Scorpion fx can even fit in a small micro car like the Smart.

Or into your apartment. Indeed, times are now definitely over when people could assert that you had no more space for great cycling ideas…Learn More>>>>>

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