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Ti Trike, Used

$6,800.00 $3,800.00


$4000. Excellent Condition. Electric assist motor. Titanium.

Ti-Trikes: Ti-Trikes is the very first manufacturer to design trikes that meet the needs of Baby Boomers and those with disabilities. We call this unique approach “Adaptive By Design” or ABD. Throughout our long design and testing process, we’ve stayed focused on these goals, creating a line of trikes that are easy to pedal, stable, responsive, and comfortable over both short and long distances. Over the years, we’ve worked with many customers with disabilities, including those with MS, TBI, strokes, Spina Bifida, CP, and balance issues. For these individuals and many others, our trikes deliver fun, freedom, exercise, and an enjoyment of the outdoors in abundance… satisfying rewards that many never dreamed were possible.

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