BRC: The Veltop windscreen/canopy provides both foul weather and sunshine protection and can be mounted on most recumbent trikes.

Veltop: The VELTOP RECUMBENT 3 provides an excellent protection by rain, cold and sun and allows to ride in all weather conditions. 

  – its efficient protection the whole part of the body remains dry
  – its quickness and the simplicity of installment
it takes only 2 minutes to fold or unfold the canopy
  – its possibility of pushing up the canopy to install the body easily in the seat
  – its 3-part windscreen, the middle part can be pushed down
it allows to obtain a sight window of 12cm,very useful by night or bad weather (frost, snow, dizzle,…)
  – its partial opening of the canopy, it can be half removed backwards to offer a greater sight
  – its “SUMMER” Version
   the middle windscreen can be removed and stored in the bag behind which allows an air entering
as well as a freeing of visibility, the canopy is kept half or entire spread out for the sun protection
  – its visual impact
cars remain in a better distance as usuel, providing more security for the rider
  – its simplicity, its light-weight and its good looking

The VELTOP RECUMBENT 3 can be used in different figures:
  – Canopy spread out with or without side panels, with or without middle windscreen
  – Canopy half spread out or stored in the bag behind
    upper windscreen can be in this case pushed down in the low part and the middle part stored in the bag

The VELTOP RECUMBENT 3 model consists of the following parts 
(see details in “SPARE PARTS“):
   – 1 three-part windscreen fixed on a tube armature
  – 1 front fixing system of 2 plates with 2 pairs of fixing parts
   – 1 water-resistant bi-colored canopy + storing bag
 – 1 pair of fiberglass poles (3 parts)
 – 1 pair of  transparent side panels with their fiberglass poles
– 1 luggage carrier adaptation adjustable in height
   – 1 Alan key
   – 1 instruction of installment
Choice of different colors for the canopy:
YELLOW,  TURKISH BLUE,  GREY with black edges  or  BLACK with grey edges
The canopy is of polyester with a water-resistant treatment and is equipped with reflection strips in the back.
The canopies are entirely manufactured by us in our french production site in Savoie.


The VELTOP RECUMBENT 3 can be installed on nearly all models of recumbent trikes.
(example: CATRIKE, GREENSPEED, ICE, HP Velotechnik, HASE…)

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