ICEsprint26 1BRC: “If the Adventure is the SUV of trikes, The Sprint is the Sport sedan. It’s a little bit lower to the ground so it cuts through the wind a little bit cleaner. The added side benefit is it also corners a little faster since your center of gravity is lower. Like the Adventure, the Sprint has an adjustable seat that allows you to change the angle as needed. I find as many people have that a more upright angle is slightly better suited to climbing and a more reclined angle for less air resistance for faster riding on the flats or downhills. If you are sticking to paved roads, the Sprint also makes a great touring trike. Don Saito rode his Sprint around the entire circumference of the United States! With the 26 rear wheel option you can use a standard heavy duty touring rear rack like a Tubus, or Surly. We currently have a Sprint 26 with no suspension. I ordered it with a more sporting rider in mind so it has disc brakes for a little more aggressive braking, a 26 rear wheel which rolls a bit smoother over rougher pavement than a 20″ and higher gearing than a 20″ rear wheel so can cruise at a higher average speed if you have the motor for it. The chromoly steel frame has a much more comfortable ride than an aluminum frame. The main cruciform portion of the ICE Sprint and Adventure are Chromoly steel and the rear portion/swing arm is aluminum as well as the boom. The aluminum helps to keep the trikes light while the steel in the cruciform lends a substantial degree of shock absorption. So if you are looking for a light, fast, sporty trike for day trips, fast workout rides or a cross country tour, come in and try out the the Sprint 26.”

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