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Adventure Cycling Association


Adventure Cycling inspires and empowers people to travel by bicycle. As a nonprofit organization, Adventure Cycling Association’s mission is to inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle. Established in 1973 as Bikecentennial, we are the premier bicycle-travel organization in North America with more than 35 years of experience and 46,500 members. >>>>>Read On

Bent Rider Online

Managing Editor

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m currently freezing my tuckus off! It is officially winter here in New York. Us recumbent riders all know that one of the best ways to extend your riding season is with the addition of a fairing. The largest maker of those products in the world is TerraCycle with their Windwrap line-up of wind-blocking Lexan.>>>>>Read On

Trike Asylum Tour Blog

TrikeAsylumBio1My name is Steve, and I have grown very fond of my recumbent tadpole tricycle since I acquired it in May of 2009. I am relatively new to the triking world, yet came up to speed on things rather quickly during my 16 weeks of training for a subsequent ride from the Oregon coast to, and around, Death Valley National Park. It was a 37-day journey of adventure and adaptation, where I learned an incredible amount about piloting a trike.>>>>>Read On

 CrazyGuyonaBike Website

Neil Gunton: [This website was] started in 2000, this is a place for bicycle tourists and their journals. It began with my own account of a coast-to-coast ride across America in 1998, and grew when I developed the code to allow other people to post their own accounts. There are now many thousands of bicycle tour journals and articles by people from all over the world, along with well over 1 million pictures.>>>>>>Read On

The Recumbent Journal


A recumbent oriented blog.>>>>>Read On

Books to Check out:

The Overland Triker: Pedaling Beyond Boundaries

By Steve Greene

One More Mountain: Road Warriors Explore America

By Janet Buckwalter

The Winky-Eyed Jesus and Other Undescribables: An elite, feral recumbent cyclo-tourist wages human-powered jihad against the force of gravity and the awesome span of the North American continent

By Scott M. Wayland

Chasing The Horizon – One Man And His Trike

By Alexander Chklar

Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Bicycle Tours in Oregon

By Ellee Thalheimer



  • K d finney

    Your recommendations please. I have a villagers w/ hubmotor in our winter grounds. I like it but some trouble in the desert. I’m thinking light weight, folding, off road with a lunacycle two speed hub for stealth and low speed crawl. Needs to go on the airlines. What do you think?Thanks Dale Alaska

    • Hi, Dale!
      Could you give us a call tomorrow afternoon when we are in the shop? I’d be happy to talk with you about that, but it’s a somewhat complex conversation that’d be better over the phone. Thanks, Mark Waters, BRC
      (720) 560-1178


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