BRC: A proven and very popular full-suspension touring bike in the 20/26″ wheel configuration. German built quality and design throughout.

HPV: Street Machine Gte. The fast and comfortable world explorer.

The evolution reveals: A small change of your posture can lead to a boost in performance and comfort. Whether you like to enjoy cycling your favorite slope in the hillside, exercise your body on a fast course or commute on the way to work – lean back, relax, and enjoy your bike with a view.

The Street Machine Gte has been designed to to create what is probably the best long distance touring bike you can buy. The ride is exhilarating – fast and controllable – yet you can carry enough gear for a world tour with minimum compromise to handling.

The Street Machine Gte is a new kind of bike; designed and built to offer higher standards of comfort and sophistication. And it has a whole host of features that set it apart from other bikes of its type. A Street Machine does exactly what you want it to do with the minimum of input. It practically rides itself, leaving you free to concentrate on the road ahead, or just to relax and enjoy the scenery. If you have ridden other recumbents you might just be surprised how good they can be. If you have never ridden one, prepare to be amazed. Learn More>>>>>

Starting at $3820.

HPV: Do you offer electric drive assistance? Certainly we do – this is another domain of our recumbents! Every vehicle from HP Velotechnik can be equipped optionally with an electric driving assistance. More an more people discover the easy way of riding while sitting absolutely comfortable. The megatrend “E-Bike” is coming to a peak. The aerodynamic position of the rider saves energy so your valuable battery capacity can be used for efficiently extensive riding pleasure. The technic will be integrated without any problems into the chassis. That does not only take effect for the hub motor in the rear wheel, but as well for the control unit at the handlebar and the rechargeable battery. Learn More>>>>>